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Staying healthy while onboard

We all know how difficult it can be to stay healthy while onboard as the healthy food choices you are used to from home, may be limited. You work long hours and both lack of sleep, exercise and stress takes a toll on your health. To maintain a healthy lifestyle while onboard can be a challenge, but not impossible, and just with few changes in your daily routine can make you fly strong through your contract while maintaining a energized physical presence with a healthy mind. We have collected in our blog few good advices, tip and tricks which we hope you will find helpfull.


Amazing herbs for woman with no chemical side effect

If you are suffering from female problems you can try out the alternative methods with herbs with minimal chemical side effects. Always seek professional care should your symptoms exists over a longer period.


Dong quai the female herb

Dong quai helps to balance female hormones. In order for it to be most effective, it must be used for at least five days before onset of menstruation, before the body reaches its oestrogen. Dong quai feeds the nervous system and helps to nourish and str…

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Lunch is more than just being hungry

Lunch time is topping up your energy level

When you compare breakfast and lunch meals, more people eat lunch versus eating breakfast, but why?

When asked, the answer is often something in between the: I am not hungry when I wake up in the morning or I do not have time to eat.  And then you have the other group of people, like myself, who are after a short time of being awake, at the edge of starvation.


Needless to say eating breakfast is essential in order to give you that …

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Are you getting enough rest?


Love sleeping? Sleep is a cure for many illnesses

There is nothing better when you have time to sleep, yes that maybe sounds strange, but most people who is living in the western world become sleep deprived at some point in their life. We have long days, deadlines, stress on the job, chores, family life and it is sometimes difficult to juggle all the priorities. In the perfect world we should work 8 hours, enjoy living 8 hours and sleep 8  hours, but the reality is that most of us w…

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