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It is not always easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle onboard, hence we have created this section to guide you in keeping you mentally alert with good ideas and topic for staying healthy onboard. 

Your rights if you become pregnant

What is your rights if you become pregnant while working onboard? 

If you become pregnant while on-board, and wish to take maternity leave, your rights depends on where you work. If you are sailing under a flag of your own country, you will then be covered by your own country's legislation, and rights guaranteed under your union's collective bargaining agreements

If you work on a vessel sailing under a flag of convenience,  you will be covered by the legislation of that flag state, and that could unfortunately mean, that you will have no maternity rights, at all. 

If you are sailing under an ITF-approved agreement, you have guarantee minimum rights and the ITF-approved agreements for merchant vessels stipulate that pregnant seafarers:

Must be repatriated at the cost of the company

Must receive two months' full pay in compensation

The timing of the repatriation may vary depending on where you work and your stage of pregnancy. 

If the ship is trading in coastal waters , or if a permanet doctor is on board, it is generally safe for pregnant women to work late into their pregnancy, however, if working on deep sea vessels or very high-speed craft, the risks need to be assessed carefully with consideration for both mother and baby. 

Pregnancy should never be treated as a disciplinary offence. Pregnancy testing before you are employed may violate International Labour Organisation (ILO) Convention 183.

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