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It is not always easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle onboard, hence we have created this section to guide you in keeping you mentally alert with good ideas and topic for staying healthy onboard. 

Mentor And Coaching Program - Free support

Our Mentor And Coaching Program (MACP) is a very popular service module within our WomanAtSea organisation and has exceeded, far more clients than we expected, when our program was first launched early 2018; obviously not knowing the huge demand for a female captain mentor and coach.


MACP is funded and sponsored by organizations and companies, whom all share our same values, helping young woman reaching their goals in the maritime industry.


Our MACP is developed, based on individual needs and requests, hence suiting all clients regardless where they are in their career path. All information is held strictly confidential and only with permission from the individual client will this be shared with third parties.


Our mentoring practice consists of a long-term relationship, there focus on supporting the growth and development of the individual client. The mentor becomes a source of wisdom, teaching, and support, and coach via dialogue to help the individual client in their performance and or strengthen their current knowledge.


Outline of our Mentor and coaching program (MACP)  

Initial dialogue with the client to establish a personal connection, share information and understand how we can assist the client long term. This is done thru video calls preferable, but can also be established via email or chats. The intention is not to create any additional workload for the individual client, hence there will be no written exam or test, although we encourage our clients to complete “A New Way Of Thinking” session.  

“A New Way Of thinking” is a guided plan created together with the client and is based on the initial dialogue and thoughts from the client. It consists of several questions the client can answer either privately or with the consultant, in order to move forward in a self-help-development-style process and is not meant as a solving problem guide, nor a textbook, but simply gives a different thought process to implement a new way of thinking, which in terms helps the client improve, develop and reach their goals to succeed.

Weekly mentoring either via video calls, emails or chats. These calls has according to the clients feedback been the most value tool, as it is a open informal 20-30 minute conversation, there covers topics from personal development, practical questions and emotional support.  

To setup your appointment is easy, use our booking tool here, to see available times





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