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It is not always easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle onboard, hence we have created this section to guide you in keeping you mentally alert with good ideas and topic for staying healthy onboard. 

Joining a ship for the first time?

Are you joining your ship for the first time? 

You are properly very excited about your new adventure, and you should be.

Life at sea is very rewarding, although it is, or can be very challenging, especially your first contract when everything is new. The ship environment is new, you are not fully familiar with your job or what is expected of you, the working hours are long. and you do not know anyone onboard, but the good thing is, that you will very quickly get used to your new lifestyle onboard, or at least some will, and I am saying that for life at sea is not for everyone. 

If you are hard working, honest and have a positive attitude, then you are already half way to succeed, the other half is whether you are able to cope being away from your family and friends, are able to live in a tight environment with a variety of different cultures and diversity, can get accustomed to the food there is served onboard, seasickness and the strict rules and regulations there follows living on a moving object.

‚ÄčAs we understand you might have lot of unanswered questions, we have collected some of the most FAQ within this topic and you are more than welcome to also send us an email with your questions, or set up a call with us in "Open Forum Friday" via our toolbox. 

I will be joining my ship in January in world-wide trade. I am very excited. What clothes and belonging should I bring with me. I need to be away from home for 7 month? 

The most important items to bring with you is your travel documents and certificates related to your job onboard. Check that you have the required Visa and vaccination for your trade area. Secondly, bring along relevant prescribed medicin for the duration of your contract and glasses and contact lenses etc. that you normal use. 

In regards to your clothes etc, If you are given work clothes onboard, then you only need to bring your off-duty clothes and limit yourself to one suitcase only. Toiletries etc can be bought onboard, most of the time (not necessary the brand you use) and you also will have opportunities to go ashore and purchase if needed. 

What should I do when I land in the airport? How do I get to the ship? 

If you have not been provided any information from your hiring partner or company, you will need to ask for some guidance.

In most cases their will be an agent awaiting you as you are exiting the luggage area, with a sign with your name on or the company you work for. The agent will either take you to a hotel or directly to the ship. The hotel and transport cost are covered by the agent,

I am joining as third mate. Will I be alone on the bridge on my first duty or will someone be there with me?

Depending what kind of policy your company have, and what kind of Captain you have onboard, but prepare yourself mentally to stand your watch alone, and that means that if you have spare time alongside before the ship set sail, then familiarise yourself with the bridge instruments and procedures. Remember that if you at any time feel in doubt, do not hesitate to ask for help.








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