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Captain Iben Gejl Christensen

Iben Gejl Christensen, grew up on a farm on Funen in Denmark and lives today on a small island, called Fanoe with her husband and two sons, ages 14 and 15. Beside her job on the island ferry, where is holds the position as a Captain, she also owns a small carpenter-firm specialised in ships repair world-wide, where her husband works, hence he travels a lot.

What inspired you to choose the ocean as your work place? 

I have never considered this question before.. The job contain both theory and practice. and I am not created for an 8-16 job!

How many years have you been sailing ?

Since 1993 until now.

Tell us about your maritime job and position.

Today I am captain on a domestic ferry, serving the island Fanoe, Denmark. I started on the ferry when our oldest son was 5 month old, in a temporary job for the season/summer. My plan was to return to my offshore job, when he was 8 month old.. The ferry-company offered me a permanent job, which I accepted. The next year our second son was born. After 3 month maternity I was back on the ferry again. 

What is the most beautiful place you have been to and why? 

All places have their beauties. I don’t have a favorite place. South Africa is as beautifull as the nothern part of Norway, South America or the far east.

What is / was the best part of your job?

My present job on the ferry with a crossing time of only 12 minutes, we are in and out of port all the time. We have a minimum of paperwork. The best part is the intensity, the day is gone before you know! My present job allow me to combine job and family. My working hours are shifting in both day, night and duration, never more than 14 hours.

When I was working in the AHTS’ on the spot market, the best part was the variation and unpredictability. We often didn’t know the schedule and/or job for next week.

Any encouraging words to other members in the woman at sea organisation

Children is not an obstruction for a job at sea!


Educational & professional background

Seamans training school; 1993

Deck-apprentice; J.Lauritzen Reefers & KosanGas, 1993-1994

Fanø Navigation school; 1994-1997

2nd officer; Maersk Line, 1998-2000

1st officer; Maersk Supply (Cablelaying, PSV & AHTS), 2000-2003

Chief officer and Captain; Fanøfærgen (domestic ferries), 2003- 



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