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"Woman at Sea” is a dynamic young private organisation, committed to make a difference for woman in the maritime industry. We share own experiences, provide support, become your mentor, provide coaching and guidance, all free of charge, to woman, no matter rank, who are part or want to become part, of the maritime industry. My name is Lis Thorolvsen. I am the CEO and founder of the “Woman at Sea” organisation, a network to and for woman, of all nationalities and ages, and I welcome you to our network. The “Woman at Sea” organisation was founded early 2018 and have since the early days, successfully provided free support to woman from all over the world. Our vision is very simple, we want to assist and attract more woman into this unique industry and provide a community to assist woman of all ranks in the maritime industry. As we are always looking to improve our service and our community, we have now with the growth of our success and with a better understanding of the varies needs of what really matters the most, moved into the next phase of social media, and enhanced and strengthen the community and especially our communication platform with a facebook group. Our facebook group and messenger will be able to provide an easier and faster communication method, compared with our traditional, but still very attractive emailing communication method. With the facebook group you are able to post and share ideas and pictures, but more so able to message us and other members directly for a quicker response. Further, with this new service we are able to build better personalised service within this new development, by introducing face to face calls and chats, still while we are maintaining our traditional email system, as we also understand, the difficulties with internet availability, cost and connection, which can be a challenge, at times. while onboard.


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Captain Lis started her carrier at sea in 1989 as a junior seaman on a small gas tanker and ended her active duty in the cruise industry as Captain after almost 30 years at sea. 

She has now devoted herself to assist and help other young females in the maritime industry.