Woman At Sea 

A maritime network


"Woman at Sea” is a dynamic young private organisation, committed to make a difference for woman in the maritime industry. We share own experiences, provide support, become your mentor, provide coaching and guidance, all free of charge, to woman, no matter rank, who are part or want to become part, of the maritime industry.

Your rights if you become pregnant

What is your rights if you become pregnant while working onboard? 

If you become pregnant while on-board, and wish to take maternity leave, your rights depends on where you work. If you are sailing under a flag of your own country, you will then be covered by your own country's legislation, and rights guaranteed under your union's collective bargaining agreements

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Joining a ship for the first time?

Are you joining your ship for the first time? 

You are properly very excited about your new adventure, and you should be.

Life at sea is very rewarding, although it is, or can be very challenging, especially your first contract when everything is new. The ship environment is new, you are not fully familiar with your job or what is expected of you, the working hours are long. and you do not know anyone onb…

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Mentor And Coaching Program - Free support

Our Mentor And Coaching Program (MACP) is a very popular service module within our WomanAtSea organisation and has exceeded, far more clients than we expected, when our program was first launched early 2018; obviously not knowing the huge demand for a female captain mentor and coach.


MACP is funded and sponsored by organizations and companies, whom all share our same values, helping young woman reaching their goals in the maritime ind…

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Open forum Friday - Free support

Every Friday we host an open forum, where you can attend a one and one chat with Captain Lis. In this forum you may ask whatever questions you have on your mind, personal or professional matters related to your job in the maritime industry. Our calls and communications are always strictly confidential and will not be shared with anyone, 

Are you interested chatting with Captain Lis, t…

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